by Haleigh Freeman
A speck, a seed, a piece of beginning
Surrounded by its first embrace,
The earth collects water and ushers it into growth.
Green pushing up against the fold,
Tasting the golden warmth for the first time,
Reaching to greet the sky.
Its arms stretch and unfold,
Twisting and pulling and growing,
Strength and time ebbing and flowing,
Becoming part of it as light and earth and water.
Greens and browns color the shade,
And the tree has begun.
Whistling feathers make their humble home,
Greeting the children that sleep
In the shade, humming with crickets.
Flowers begin to bloom, sweet whispers
Of color on the wind, music on the eyes.
Beauty can be strength, often is.
Scents of kindness and hospitality
Swirl on the tongue, and the sky watches
The tree bloom and sing for all.
People pass and admire the falling jewels,
Catching their gleam in the sunset.
Greens begin to fade and orange blush
Overtakes the edges of its hands.
Its leaves fold and shudder,
The wind shakes its mighty arms free,
And it is stripped clean,
Groping blindly into the cold.
The end of seasons is ushered in,
The final sunset at hand.
Children no longer sleep in its shade,
And the noons have grown lonely.
Skin falls away and it drops its arms,
Finally it can return to the last embrace.

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