by Haleigh Freeman

Do you remember how the bird did sing
On a bright morning with the sun shining?
Writing poetry in the window,
A warm cup made warmer by the day-sun;
Do you remember how the creek did run
In summer days, cushioned by the meadow?
Do you remember how the children played
Running and catching bugs in the glade?
The sun setting, the sky turned scarlet silk,
Clouds opening to stars, which the moon towed;
Do you remember how the cattle lowed
And the warm freshness of the mother’s milk?
Do you remember how time had her will
And that, despite time, life seemed larger still?
The young growing and wisening and old,
Speaking of the wind and how she sings;
Do you remember all the precious things,
Casting them in a gentle light of gold?
– Haleigh Freeman

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