Texas Hosts Pro Bull Riders World Finals

by Vanessa Williams

Speakers booming, exploding pyrotechnics and lots of cowboys were just a few ways of how the PBR World Finals started this year in Arlington, Texas.

The PBR World Finals Championship began with Cooper Davis bucking out on Marquis Metal Works Bull, The Butcher, and scoring a 89.25 to start off the last day of the World Finals.

This year, the 2020 PBR World Champion was Jose Vitor Leme, who earned a 95.75 point score, the highest
marked ride of his career, to win Round 3 of the PBR World Finals. “It’s hard to explain this moment – the best moment of my career,” Leme said. “I worked a long time, and I came to show everybody I deserved this. I’m so blessed to enjoy this.”

The Rookie of the Year award went to Boudreaux Campbell. Campbell said he was happy to be in the spot.
“Winning the Rookie of the Year, that was a goal I had coming in here, and I knew I was far behind, and I knew I needed some help drawing and riding,” he said. “I’m glad everything worked out this week, and it all played in my favor.”

At the beginning of every night PBR officials would introduce each cowboy. Everyone would take a knee as the announcer would pray before the show started. When it was time for the National Anthem everyone, including the cowboys, stood with their hand over their heart.

After that it was time to ride.

All the cowboys ran to the bucking chutes to get ready. The bulls are loaded one-by-one into the chutes.
A cowboy lowers himself down onto the back of the bull, which he drew to ride. One of the cowboy’s hands is tied to the braided rope that circles the bull. The cowboy’s other hand has to be completely free.

When the Cowboy is ready he nods his head and the gate is jerked open and the ride begins.

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