All We Do Is Win: Epic eSports, Basketball Clean Up In The Postseason 

by Isaac McClintock

Epic’s eSports team is one of the top teams in the state of Oklahoma, winning two titles in the past three years. 

This team is aiming for a huge record few teams could contemplate. What record is it? The eSports team with three titles within a short time period, which is currently held by Blair High School. However, Blair High School no longer has an eSports team, so the focus is on Epic. 

Epic eSports knows a lot of schools are aiming for that title, but the district’s team has achieved great things. 

With their Overwatch and Fortnite teams taking home the most gold in their respective divisions.

Within Epic eSports, most of the games they compete in have multiple teams, like Overwatch and Fortnite.

Epic eSports is also experimenting with a few new games, like Super Smash Bros. Epic eSports  realizes that the window of history is now and is looking to capitalize on the opportunity. So far, they have two  titles across all state championships they’ve competed in, and are looking forward to many more. 

Epic’s basketball program is newer and is building for future success. The program serves the entire state of Oklahoma. It finished with 175 kids across 14 teams. 

Epic’s basketball team is a new feature for students (Bryn Banfield/ENN).

Epic basketball coordinator Zachary Gipson noted the success of the Epic high school girls team, which is primarily based in Oklahoma City, saying: “They went 15 and nine, beat some really high quality opponents and had a terrific first season.”

He also mentioned the boys, where he says there is room for improvement.

“The boys’ side just finished up, and they have a lot of learning to do,” he said. 

In Tulsa, the hoopers have partnered with the Boys and Girls Clubs. Next year, Epic basketball will begin to include kindergartners, Gipson said. 

“So our K through one, two, three, so on and so forth, what we are trying to do is … give them a healthy outlet of basketball,” he said. 

Information on eSports tryouts and basketball is available at 

Top Photo Caption: Epic’s eSports team continued its success during the 2023-24 school year, becoming one of the winningest programs in the state. The team has set its sights on a lofty goal: winning a third title. Courtesy photo

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