Thanksgiving Safety Tips

by ENN Staff

Article By Darrell Stetler III, Video by Harley Stricklin

This year, Thanksgiving will not quite be the same as years past when there wasn’t a global pandemic. Still some things about preparing for Thanksgiving that you need to keep in mind regardless of COVID-19. The priority this year should be safety, not just from the virus, but also from any illness that can come up due to improperly prepared food.

  1. How long to thaw a turkey 

1. You should plan on a full 24 hour period for every 5 pounds of turkey. For example, if you have a 15 pound turkey you should give it around 3 days to thaw. Make sure you drain the pan you put it in every once in a while.

2. If you forget to leave it thawing, you can speed thaw it overnight. Just submerge the turkey in cool water, while it’s still in its packaging. Change the water every 30 min or so, and it should be done in about 10 hours.

  1. How long to cook a turkey.

1.  In the oven, it will take about 15 min every pound at 325 degrees. For example, if you have a 12 pound turkey you’ll want to cook it in the oven for about 3 hrs.

2. A fried turkey will cook much faster. If the oil is heated to 350 degrees, it will only take 3 ½ min per pound. A 12 lb turkey takes 42 min. Click here for safety tips for making sure your fryer doesn’t start a fire.

3. Smoking a turkey will go at the rate of 30 min per pound at 240 degrees. Don’t open the lid too often because the heat will go down and lengthen the time needed to cook.

  1. Other cooking safety tipes

Make sure, when you have pots and pans on the stove, you keep the handles from pointing outward. Because if a toddler comes along, and pulls on one then we have problems.

When you have something in the oven, set a timer.

Don’t catch coronavirus. Make sure to follow the CDC guidelines for gatherings so your family will be healthy and be able to gather together once the pandemic ends.

So if you follow these instructions, you can expect to have a nice and safe Thanksgiving.

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