Oklahomans Assist With Hurricane Laura Cleanup

by Darrell Stetler III

ENN’s Darrell Stetler III went with a team of Oklahomans from Bible Methodist Church to DeRidder, Louisiana to aid in the recovery from Hurricane Laura. Darrell documented the work and the experience with this photo essay.

Hurricane Laura’s 130 mph winds snapped large pine trees as it went through the area near DeRidder, Louisiana.
The hurricane ripped this metal roof from a home and left it in a nearby wooded area.
One of the team members to assist in the clean up is a professional arborist and assisted in cutting up many of the trees that fell during the hurricane.
The team cut down and stacked hundreds of damaged trees and limbs.
The team found a banner from the Bible Methodist Church far from its original location.
Darrell Stetler III using a chainsaw to help remove debris.
Darrell Stetler III stands on an uprooted tree to provide perspective of how large the trees were that fell during the storm.
The team surveyed the area they worked to clear prior to returning to Oklahoma.

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