Movie Review: Disney’s Mulan

by Kaelyn Smith

Entertainment has never looked so different since COVID-19 entered our world and Mulan is no exception. 

The movie industry continues to move forward even, if it means not putting movies in the theater. 

The live action film Mulan, produced by Disney, was released on Disney+ on Sept. 4th. Disney+ subscribers could stream the movie for $30 or wait until December to view in on the network without the additional payment.

I was originally planning to go see Mulan in theaters, but then everything was shut down and people had to be sheltered in place. I have grown up watching the original animated Mulan from a young age and it has always been a personal favorite and it still is to this day. 

It is filled with humor, courage, music, and the very lovable Mushu. I was excited to find out they were doing a remake of it since I have enjoyed watching all of the other Disney Princess remakes that have recently been made. 

The movie was a bit different than what I expected. I was expecting it to have all of the music from the old movie, but even without the music it did not change how well-done and incredible this movie was.

Over the past few months, I have waited expectantly for this movie. My excitement peaked when I was invited to a friend’s backyard movie night viewing a couple of weeks ago. We all sat down in our lawn chairs and blankets and watched the movie play out before us on a ‘the big screen’ sheet pinned to their fence.  

Mulan is filled with traditional story, war scenes brimming with passion, and a touching story of family. 

The era that Mulan is set in is during the unidentified Imperial Dynasty (221 BCE-1912 CE).  The story of Mulan, originally called The Poem of Mulan dates back to 6th century CE. We get to see the privilege of experiencing the beauty of this ancient history creatively put throughout the whole film. 

I appreciated the fact that Disney did not try to make it exactly like the animated Mulan and they made it the best that it could be as a live-action remake. 

The movie was incredibly well-done, the war scenes were not too graphic and there was an edge-of-your-seat kind of thrill. The film was easy to follow and it’s also an adventure story. 

Mulan’s valor and courage is inspiring as well as her devotion to her comrades. It is filled with daring deeds and a subtle romance. Played by actress Yifei Liu, Mulan’s character is brought to life with a strong personality.

We follow her story as she is with her family, trying to ‘blend in’ at the all-male war camp, and battling in a great war to save her country. She learns how to balance her ‘chi,’  the biggest spiritual element in this movie — and the element that only boys are supposed to have. 

The movie does have female empowerment, but that is not the whole focus on this spectacular film. Even the relationships between Mulan and her fellow soldiers as they fight for each other and for the families  that they love is heart-warming.

The music, costumes and the extravagant sets are a sight to behold, and it is a gripping tale from start to finish. I truly loved the whole movie, it’s incredible and for any Disney movie fan, a must-watch!

Other than a few awkward and violent moments during the camp and battle scenes, there is no nudity and language. This makes this film family-friendly despite its PG-13 rating. 

So, settle down with your family and friends, maybe do an outdoor movie night of your own and grab that big bucket of popcorn as you watch the legacy of Mulan and the beauty of master storytelling come to life. 

Rate: 9/10 

Stream it today on Disney+ for only $30

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