The reCAP: The Elephant In The Room

by Phil Cross

OKLAHOMA CITY – Do you ever get lost in trying to figure out where the state is during the legislative session? This episode of The reCAP covers the deadline process and gives you a look at the bills passing through both the House and the Senate.

This week, Daviyon and Maycee get you up to date on the education measures that passed the House.

Plus, the Oklahoma Senate passes a plan that would allow lawsuits against abortion doctors.

Don’t miss the interview with Free Mom Hugs about why they joined Freedom Oklahoma to rally at the capitol.

Finally, it wasn’t the birds and the bees at the capitol this week. It was elephants and bees. What was the buzz on the animal bills happening at 23rd and Lincoln? Watch this episode to find out.

ENN’s Bekah Disney shares a fun fact about the state capitol and reporter Rylie Eisenhauer talks with our lawmaker of the week, Ajay Pittman. 

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