Live It Up: How Epic Prepared Sophia Massad For Work, Music & Life

by Kinzie Click

Picture Caption: Sophia Massad performs on stage in this photo from her press kit (Photo provided.)

Many people often wonder what their life after high school will look like and how their choices during high school will affect their future. 

Sophia Massad was no different. The Epic graduate and accomplished singer-songwriter had the same questions any student would have. Her questions led her to dual passions – performing music and giving teens a voice through social media.

Photos from Sophia Massad’s press kit. Courtesy photos: Sophia Massad. 

These led her back to where she started: at Epic.

As part of her job, she is responsible for managing all of the media posted on Epic’s social media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook. 

She admits that her little sister found the Epic job listing for her one day. She decided to apply because she hoped to give students the connection through social media she wanted as a teen. She wants students to know that it is cool to be involved in school and spoke about how her position at Epic is such a refreshing career. “I’ve never worked somewhere so supportive,” she said.

Rob Crissinger, Epic’s executive director of communications, praised Massad’s work in elevating the district’s social media presence and engagement since joining his team in April. 

“As an Epic graduate herself, Sophia has been able to connect with students and families in an authentic way that reflects the core values we share as an organization,” he said. “She is an Epic success story, and we hope current and future students will be inspired by her professional success and leadership.”

Massad said her favorite things about being enrolled at Epic were the freedom and flexibility she had as a student. These not only prepared her for life, but also for her work upon returning Epic. With the flexibility of being able to do her schoolwork at any time, Massad was able to earn her diploma in just three years, all while pursuing her passion for music. 

The importance of music in Massad’s life is apparent. This, too, ties back in part to her time at Epic. Massad was able to use Epic’s Learning Fund to pay for vocal lessons, and her schoolwork schedule allowed plenty of extra time to practice and create music. 

She also said being in Epic gave her the time to grow and to learn more about social media and how it influences people. She was also able to try new, creative excursions and discover hobbies she wouldn’t have been able to in a traditional, brick-and-mortar school. 

Music has always been a part of Massad’s life. She described growing up in a family with parents singing all the time, and how she always wanted to create music. She has been pursuing a music career for about 15 years and she had her first concert when she was only 12 years old!  

During high school at Epic, she was also able to release her first EP. One of her greatest influences was her vocal coach, whom she met while at Epic. She said her coach taught her to follow her musical dreams and share her gift with the world. 

Massad’s advice to students mirrors her own approach to life: Focus on the things you love but try new things as well, and spend time with those you care about the most. 

“High school is a time for experimenting with who you are and who you want to be,” she said. 

Perhaps her most important advice is the shortest.

“Live it up!” she likes to say. 

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