PHOTO GALLERY: The Best of Week 12 (Online Classes)

by ENN Staff

These are the best photos of the past week from assignments for the ENN Photography classes that meet largely online. Students also have the option of attending in-person labs in OKC and Tulsa.


Photographer: Lucianna Jones, 8th Grade
“Me and my friend went to the park and I just loved the way the rocks looked so I took a picture. The way the water hit the rocks I thought it was a great add to the photo.”


Photographer: Cheyanne Clark, 10th Grade
“Do what you love but call it work. I love to draw so I wanted to incorporate some of my personality into this week!”


Photographer: Amy Martinez Reynolds, 10th Grade
The spools of thread are lined up in rainbow order in a room on Nov 8, 2023. The camera is focused on the bright yellow spool out of all the other colors.

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