PHOTO GALLERY: Photo of the Week 9/25/23

by Phil Cross

This is a new feature for the 2023-24 school year and the Epic News Network. Each week we will feature the best photos turned in by students in Junior High Photography, Introduction to Photography and Advanced Photography. Check out this amazing student work.


Photographer: Raylee Combs, 6th Grade

This week the class was discussion light and shadow. “The light on the wall makes the shadow just pop,” Raylee said of her image.


Photographer: Evie Strand, 9th Grade

“I really like this photo because there is a lot going on but not to the point that it’s too much. I think the details like the colors of the Ferris wheel, the lights on the Ferris wheel, and the beautiful sky make the picture more interesting. I also like the angle because it makes the Ferris wheel look bigger,” Strand said.


Photographer: Jackson Green, 10th Grade

“This is a small spider web I found in the flowerbed after it had rained. I added a few more water drops just to make it look a little more interesting, and I really liked how the foreground/background blur and colors turned out,” Green said.

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