Column: 10 “Epic” Tips For Success With Virtual Learning

by EllaMai Queen

Online school is a privilege many nowadays prefer over the public school system. Though the opportunity is amazing, it can be a difficult endeavor for people.

If you’re looking into pursuing online school or are struggling already, I’m here to help with 10 tips to being “Epic”!

  1. Scheduling is your best friend
    In public school, you are given rules and teachers to guide you through the day.
    Online school can be a little different. Though online students are given teachers and classes, they aren’t guided throughout the day like students in a public school.
    To escape the curse of falling behind, you can use scheduling as a prevention. Simply by spending specific amounts of time on certain subjects and making an added break for yourself.
  2. Find a system for you that works
    Much like scheduling, you’re going to need to find a system of orders that works for you. When students work online instead of in a public setting there could be a reason behind it.
    The same system doesn’t work for everyone. You can mix and match things however many times to find your best personal order.
  3. Know your capabilities
    Everyone has their limits. As humans we are not indestructible. By knowing how far you can push yourself it can largely help. Be kind to yourself and don’t push yourself too far. It’s important to know your breaking point.
  4. Never be afraid to ask for help
    In a public school there are resources everywhere for you. Online school resources are still available, they just take a little work to get.
    There is no shame in having to reach out for help. Contact your teacher if needed.
  5. Find strong academic role models
    Another epic suggestion is to find a strong academic role model. In the pursuit of becoming the best student you can be, having someone to look up to is amazing! Whether that be a parent or a close family friend. Being proud of those around you can help you want to achieve the same success.
  6. Make time for things that make you happy
    An important part of keeping good grades can be taking care of yourself. Staying healthy mentally is one the most important things you can do. Take time out of your day to do things that bring you ease.
  7. Don’t procrastinate
    Procrastination is an issue everyone deals with from time to time. Schoolwork and discipline can be difficult, especially when you’re in an online school environment. To help with procrastination, reminding yourself of your strong academic role models can be a great start.
  8. Have strong self-discipline
    Remind yourself of your goals. Having strong self-discipline is an amazing tool to being epic. Use the future you want to achieve as your anchor.
  9. Join programs / clubs
    Keeping yourself surrounded with other like-minded individuals can improve your epic adventure. By joining the journalism club or maybe an athletic team, you can help your school life greatly.
  10. Manage your sleep
    Sleep is a crucial part of everyone’s life. As humans we all need an adequate amount of rest to survive. Getting your schoolwork done early, managing your time, and getting a full night’s rest can help you reach “Epicness”.

Those are my 10 tips to being “Epic.” Try out my tips for yourself, and have an Epic day!

Above: This sign welcomes visitors to the Tulsa VLC campus, located in two adjacent buildings near US 169 (Karma Reed/ENN).

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