Loving “A Tourist’s Guide To Love.”

by Haley Ngo

‘A Tourist’s Guide to Love’ is a romance movie that takes place in Vietnam.

Now, speaking as someone who comes from Vietnam, I was thrilled to hear some
representation for my home land. I watched it with my family and my mother loved
to point out where everything was and the best part was that they showed lots of
parts of Vietnam’s landscape. They didn’t use a lot of the big tourist attractions but
it was more focused on the hidden gems. One thing that I loved was that they
mentioned how when you mention Vietnam, most people think about the war when
the country has so much more to offer.

They showed the food, the roads, and the markets. It honestly sparked nostalgia for
my family. The movie truly showed a true tourist’s trip around Vietnam. It shows how
tourists act when they try Durian and when people go to the markets.

What was amazing was that it was very accurate. They had actual Vietnamese
actors in the movie! Which meant that the language was spoken by people who
were actually from Vietnam and there weren’t any misspoken words. They even
showed how people crossed the roads in Vietnam!

I love how amazing the traditional Vietnamese clothes (áo dài) looked and how they
also included the lunar new year (Tết). It was very accurate on the traditions that we
do to prepare for the new year.

As for romance, I will say that this is one of the better romance movies that I have
watched. The two actors (Rachel Leigh Cook and Scott Ly) were wonderful in this
movie. The way they acted together and interacted with each other really made it
believable. They truly had great chemistry together and the storyline was quite

Overall, I would definitely recommend this movie to people who love romance. It’s a
very wonderful movie for those who want to see the sights of Vietnam.

Editor’s Note: You can watch “A Tourist’s Guide To Love” on Netflix.

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