How To Work For A Library

by Destiny Hammock

In nearly every community in Oklahoma, there’s a place you can go to learn, explore, read and join in free activities and it won’t cost you anything. 

That place is the public library. Libraries are known for their book collections, but there is more to the library than just books. To keep the library running it takes dedicated professionals who have a passion for their work.

“I was a freshman in highschool and was a library aid. From then on I knew this is what I wanted to do” Angiee Thibodeauy, a library aid at the Muldrow Public Library said. “I always loved reading and the atmosphere of the library”

Thibodeauy is working at the library now, but also attending college at the University of Arkansas Fort Smith. She hopes other young people will share in her love of the library and want to work in one. To do that, students can start practicing now.

“Practice reading,spelling properly and alphabetizing,” Thibodeauy said, “As well as studying the Dewey Decimal System.”

The library manager, Bethia Owenns, gave similar advice.

 “Read everything, watch everything,and be prepared for surprises,” Owenns said.

Owenns manages both the Muldrow Library and Sallisaw Library. She graduated from the University of Oklahoma. She had four majors in college and has since earned two masters’ degrees.

“I love books, explaining books to people and helping people as well,” Owenns said.

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