Why Do We Hunt?

by Grace Ann

Why do so many people enjoy hunting in Oklahoma? Is it the thrill of the kill or something else?

“Memories are very important to me, it just shows that not everything good comes off a screen,” Paityn McWhirt, a seventh-grade student in northwest Oklahoma, said. 

To many people hunting brings their family closer together or helps repair a bond that was once broken.

“It brought me and my dad a little closer,” Aden Saldivar, a ninth-grade Epic student, said. “My dad took off when I was small and when he started to come back around, it brought back our relationship.”

It’s a sport that lets you sit back and reflect on your life and remember how lucky you are to be a part of something so wonderful. 

“It’s given me a lot of time to just reflect on everything that is going on and it makes me appreciate everything God has given me,” Paige McWhirt, a ninth grader in northwest Oklahoma, said. 

With hunting comes many emotions, some happy and some sad. Some hunts will make you want to cry and others will bring you tears of joy, but in the end, you can know that you walked away with a great accomplishment.

“Knowing that I can go and provide many meals for my family, is something that I’ll cherish forever,” Courtney White, an Epic seventh-grade student, said.

It brings out the little kid in everyone. When you see an animal walk out in front of you or even the excitement of letting the animal pass, it helps you remember that little feeling of being a kid for just one more second. 

Liberty McWhirt, who is in the first grade, said that her favorite part was,“getting the deer and eating the meat.” 

While bringing home a big antlered deer is always exciting and something to be proud of, just knowing that you helped provide for your family is something that makes you even more proud. 

“It’s more than just the kill, it’s a time where I can provide for my family and myself, instead of just going out to kill an animal just to kill it, it’s actually knowing that I can do good with that kill,” Paige McWhirt said.

Knowing that the animal that you just harvested sacrificed its life to provide for yours is a feeling that is indescribable, and makes you think how faithful God has been to you. 

It’s providing for my family, and knowing that I just sacrificed an animal’s life to provide for my life.

Hunting is fun for all ages and while the thrill of the harvest and the emotion that goes into all of the hunt is exciting, there is just a little bit more to why people hunt.

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