Epic Suitcase Project Gathers Hope For The Holidays

by Kinzie Click

What Happened: In Epic, there are more than 1500 homeless students. To assess the issue, Epic charter school decided to create the Epic Suitcase Project. This project’s goal is to pack suitcases filled with essentials to give to those kids this Christmas.

Why It Is Important: “Through this project, it has given that scared little girl a voice.” Trista Dawson, the creator of the project, told KOCO-TV. Dawson used to be in the same situation as a child. These suitcases will help these kids while they go from place to place and who don’t have access to the necessities. Many of the items donated included: hats, coats, toiletries, and even Christmas gifts.

Who’s doing something about it: On Friday, December 9th, many students and faculty gathered at Blusource in Guthrie, Oklahoma to pack these suitcases. Many people donated over 15000 items to this project. Everyone pitched in to fill these suitcases and filled many people’s hearts with joy seeing everyone whether it was a student or the superintendent of the school join together to help. Epic’s website described this as  “Hope in a suitcase”. 

Find out more details: To learn more about this project and how you can help, go to Epics website: https://epiccharterschools.org/.  You can also watch interviews with the program creator by visiting news9.com and koco.com.

On December 9, 2022, Epic students gathered at Blusource to pack suitcases for the Epic Suitcase Project (Kinzie Click/ENN).

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