The Blue Line Bond

by Grace Ann

The Blue Line bond is a bond like no other, a bond that we see on a regular basis, even if we do we don’t realize it.

Sometimes that bond between law enforcement officers is shared in simple ways like running into a fellow officer and immediately feeling the connection

“I feel that bond every day,” John Hill, a Law Enforcement Officer for Tulsa County, said. “For example, if I am talking with an officer I have just met we have that instant understanding that we have been through similar experiences and it is almost like we have known each other for years even though we just met.”

In other ways, the bond means stepping up when a law enforcement agency needs it most.

“I think the easiest way to see the support from around the state is to look at the shoulder patches on the uniforms of the honor guard at a fallen officer’s funeral. It is probably the most visual representation of how much the law enforcement family will come together in a time of need,” Hill said

A lot of agencies have lost an officer due to line of duty incidents, including Osage County. They say one of the most visible ways to see that bond is by looking out during the fallen officer’s funeral and seeing all the different departments that came to show their support.

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