Oklahomans Reelect Governor Stitt

by ENN Staff

Governor Kevin Stitt will continue as Oklahoma’s Governor for another four years following the conclusion of voting on Tuesday.

“The American dream is alive and well in the great state of Oklahoma,” Gov. Stitt said in his victory speech Tuesday night.

 Stitt defeated State Superintendent Joy Hofmeister with 55.45% of the votes cast to her 41.78% votes.

“You noticed we led in Oklahoma, we didn’t follow,” Stitt said. “Here’s the deal we don’t put our constitution in the attic in Oklahoma just because someone in Washington DC tells us to. And as a result we have the brightest economy in our state’s history.”

In his victory speech Stitt promised to continue his plans to improve educational opportunities for public school children in Oklahoma.

“In the next four years we are going to continue to build up the school system for our children, that meets their unique needs and grows their God given talents. We are going to ensure that every child has access to a quality education. Regardless of their zip code or financial resources. This means protecting our rural schools and unlocking opportunities for families that are stuck in failing school districts” 

In her concession speech, Hofmeister said she called the governor and offered him her wishes for success and said she would support Oklahoma.

“I’ll also continue advocating for the 39 Tribal nations who call our state home,” Hofmeister said. “As this political season fades. It is my hope. That the division with tribal government will fade away as well.” 

The second major race of the year was for Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Republican candidate Ryan Walters won out over Democratic candidate Jena Nelson.

Walters promised to do more for education than any other state and said he will work to empower parents.

The one big win for the Democratic party was in Oklahoma county. 

Democratic candidate Vicki Behenna won the Oklahoma County District Attorney race against Republican Keven Calvey with 54.42% of the votes in her favor. Behenna entered the general election after winning the Democratic primary in June against Mark Myles with 64.45% of votes in her favor.

ENN Students Grace Ann White, EllaMai Queen, Kaytlin Smith, Jensen McKey and Shaylee Reed contributed to this report.

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