Students Killed in Crash

by Violet Hicks

What happened: Three students of Charles Page High School in Sand Springs died in a crash police said. Two other students that were involved in the crash were hospitalized. According to the police, none of the victims wore a seatbelt, and that speed was a factor of the crash. The crash happened on September 15.

Why is it important:  Police said the driver was speeding east on Park Road when the car came to the curve and ran off the road. “Honestly, all of it’s like so hard to believe. I want to think that they’re all still here and everything’s fine but I know it’s not because I know it’s true,” Camrin Palacios, a friend of the victims said in an interview with Tulsa’s News on 6 .

Who is doing something about it:  If you attend Charles Page High School they have grief counselors for the students. If you would like to give flowers the memorial is at 81St W Ave and Park Rd.

Find out more details: If you would like to find more information about this please visit the story Tulsa’s News on 6 reported on the crash: Charles Page Students Killed In Sand Springs Crash. You can also find information from the Tulsa World’s reporting: Three Charles Page High School students killed in crash near Sand Springs Lake

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