Monthly Clothes And Food Drive Helps Community

by Shaylee Reed

One Saturday a month, a church opens its doors not just for people to come in for their spiritual

needs, but to provide for the physical needs of the entire community.

This event started almost ten years ago at Cherokee Hills Church of Christ. The idea was simple, to connect the church to the community in a way that met local needs. The elders of the church decided a food and clothes giveaway was the solution.

Nearly a decade later the event is still simply known as the monthly Free Breakfast and Clothes Giveaway. It happens once a month inside the church’s annex building. The annex is a separate building from the worship center at the church. 

Each Giveaway Saturday begins with the volunteers. They arrive around 7 in the morning to start preparing food. The doors open to guests an hour later. When guests arrive they receive an empty trash bag to fill clothes with. 

Along with clothes, there are also shoes, toys, belts and other items that are free to whoever needs them.

If guests are hungry, the volunteers have prepared pancakes, sausage and eggs. There’s also all the toppings for pancakes such as butter, peanut butter, syrup and sugar free syrup. 

This event happens on the third Saturday of each month. If you would like to learn more about this event, please contact the Cherokee Hills Church of Christ’s phone number, 405-721-3054.

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