Our Animals

by ENN Staff

The photojournalism team has turned their cameras towards their favorite subjects, the animals that help define their lives. Our pets bring us peace and chaos. Whether they be cats or dogs or birds or goats we are captivated by their unique attitudes and the charm that sometimes only a parent can appreciate. Our animals, like our students, are from all over Oklahoma and represent the full range of life from cities to the farm and everything in between. We hope you enjoy the lives of the creatures and critter that share our lives.

In Jo’s Vision by BEKAH DISNEY

Jo is a special but yet funny kitty. She stays indoors and loves to cuddle and take up the whole bed. She loves to study the birds outside. However she is terrified of grass. Jo will not put one little paw on the grass. 

Animals Being Animals by NATHAN RITTER

These are all types of animals that I found just doing what they do. The owl and the hummingbird are about to eat. While Tiny the cat is fussing about having to sit still.

Ladies and Gentleman of all Species, Here are my Wonderful Pets by JOHN WILLIAMS

Like most people, my pets are among my most prized possessions! I own three dogs and one goat who is, ironically, stubborn as a mule. Since they are so amazing, it is only fair that I let you experience them as well. So, without further ado, these are some of my pets!

The Strays by ALEXIS ADAMS

These are the animals that I call my family. All of them were abandoned and found a new home with us. They are a crazy and unique bunch.

Bark, Meow, Cluck by JENSEN MCKEY

The chickens wait not so patiently for their food and water to be refilled, while both Sampson and Whitespot wait for a chance to play. The chickens are 10 months old, Sampson is 1 year old and Whitespot is two years old.




The first picture is one where my dog Roxy is laying down and looking into the camera. The second one Roxy was looking behind me. The third one Roxy was laying down then looked up to see a cat. The fourth one my dog was doing a trick I taught her and looking up at the camera.

Takoda and Jive’s Portraits by KEAGAN BLAKLEY

Takoda may look like a fat devil, but he’s an amazing, multi-colored “friend to everyone”, as his name means in Sioux. Jive, despite causing many people superstition, is an extremely lucky– yet cowardly– guy to be around.

Animals All Around by GRACIE JOHNSON

Most of my pictures of the animals I took pictures of, you don’t see very often. I took all my pictures with a Nikon D3200 with a 55-300mm lens. I went to Gallenberg,Tennessee this year and we came across twelve different bears while we were there. None of them were in cages, they were in trees when we were hiking and you would just come across them when you’re driving down the road. Some of the other pictures I took were in a huge zoo heading back home from Tennessee. The last pictures are of a dog named Comet. It was close to sunset so the light was hitting him just right and of course you can see that he’s very photogenic!

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