Custom Cars Are Personal Creations

by Devon Rabourn

When it comes to cars some people do not want something plain. Instead some people want something unique and custom.

For others, watching the customization of cars is its own form of entertainment. One of the country’s top businesses for customizing classic cars is Kindig-It Design located in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Dave Kindig is the owner and has been making custom cars for their customers for more than 22 years. 

“I started  from an early age with Hotwheels,” Kindig said. “I’ve always loved everything about [cars] and [was] fascinated with drawing them and adding my own twist.”

Kindig said his inspiration for designs comes from the cars themselves but also from owners and what they dream their custom classic should look like in the end.

“I like to keep with the classic style, body lines, and feel for the era, but modernizing it with still keeping to the classic look.”

One of his most memorable creations was one that brought his entire family together. He customized his father-in-law’s 1957 Corvette. “My wife, son, daughter, son-in-law, and of course our entire team here at Kindig-it Design worked on it.”

Kindig said every time he works on a car the owners become his friends.

When looking for a favorite design or build, Kindig looks to the future.

“[It] is always the next one. With each build I do, I get to be creative and add my touch to it, so I look forward to the next build to be able to do that.” 

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