Tech Talk: The Blue Yeti Nano Microphone Review

by Joseph Smith
Blue Yeti Nano Microphone (Photo Provided)

The pandemic has led to a lot of people working from home and increased the need for those remote workers to have good quality audio and video. If you find yourself in the market for a new microphone but don’t know where to start you might consider the new Blue Yeti Nano.

The Blue Yeti Nano is the latest product produced by Blue microphones. It is a smaller version of their original Blue Yeti. 

This version is 4.7 inches tall and has a circumference of 3 inches. It comes with a weighted stand, a 4ft micro USB to USB A and a boom arm adapter. The microphone ships in a shaped foam case so there are no concerns about damage during transport.

The microphone has the option of choosing between a cardioid and omnidirectional pickup pattern. It also includes an in-ear/ headphone amp.


The Blue Yeti Nano is 24bit with 48khz sound quality which is the standard for studio quality. 

The microphone has a built in  green LED mute button that gives a fast guaranteed mute once muted it turns red, the button doubles as an amp volume knob. 

The in-ear monitor system is seamless and also allows you to listen to your computer audio. 

If you are producing podcasts you should consider downloading the ‘Blue Sherpa’ software. The software allows you to adjust the mic gain and playback audio along with adding microphone filters the software has a few presets or make your own. 

Buying the microphone

The Blue Yeti Nano is $40 less than its big brother the original Blue Yeti. You can buy the microphone from the company’s website, Amazon, Walmart and other online retailers. 

My opinion 

The Blue Yeti Nano is a great product for all forms of digital media production. I use this microphone for making videos, audio recording, and talking with people on popular video chat platforms. 

This microphone has a sleek design and looks good no matter where you put it. 

This microphone gets an 11/10.

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