Teens Helping Teens Experience Music

by ENN Staff

By Devon Rabourn and Hannah Rose

EDMOND – Making music involves more than just an ability to play an instrument, it also requires access to music.  In Oklahoma, not every student has the same access to musical equipment and training.

Live Life Music is an organization that helps bring music to underprivileged communities. They are based in Edmond and work to bring music to students who cannot afford the same access as others.

Live Life Music was established in 2018 by Joshua Zhu. He is now a student at Yale University. 

“He founded this with a mission to serve underprivileged communities and we have kind of taken that mission and expanded it a little bit further” Jaclyn Fan, the new Live Life Music Chief Executive Officer, said. Fan is new to the leadership position, but has served with the organization for three years.

Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, Live Life Music hosted benefit concerts.  The money raised went to Northwest Classen High School. The fundraisers brought in more than $2,000 and helped students at Northwest Classen go to Dallas and visit a recording studio. They were also able to purchase supplies and musical instruments for the school.

“What’s really important about art is that it starts at a very young age,” Fan said.

Live Life Music is fully staffed with student volunteers all using their own artistic abilities for a common cause.

“I really love graphic design. Every week the assistant marketing officer and I work together to research different topics like social issues for a poster for volunteers. It’s really fun putting those together,” Angelina Lang, the chief marketing officer, said.  Lang said she loves seeing her work go out to the public and raise awareness for the organization.

“My favorite part about Live Life is the graphics on Instagram. I also get to add on to the website and it feels rewarding,” Seth McIntyre, the group’s public relations manager, said.

The organization’s mission statement sums up why they do what they do, “to raise awareness about social issues within arts through music-related initiatives in underserved communities throughout the United States.” Their website goes on to say “music transcends the written and spoken language and positively affects people of all ages, demographics, and in all stages of life.”

Fan said her goal is not just to lead the organization, but to expand its reach to help connect more students with music. 

“We also need to expand our Network in other ways by reaching out to other organizations. There are groups that are still working with us, and it’s just been such a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the arts and about people and life.”

If you would like to learn more about Live Life Music or you can visit their website livelifemusicok.org or find them on Instagram and Facebook.

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