by Vanessa Williams

TULSA — The Professional Bull Riders Elite Unleash The Beast event returned to Tulsa’s BOK Center this month for its 16th consecutive season.

When you first walk into the arena you can smell the fresh 750 tons of dirt placed for the event. County music plays over the loud speaker. The audience, with their popcorn in hand, take a seat. Then when it’s time to start, you hear the announcers come on and say, “Tulsa are you ready?!”

The audience starts cheering.

This year the PBR featured three-time World Champion Silvano Alves. He won the First Elite Series Event for the past four years in Tulsa to cement his World Finals bid. However, Oklahoman Ryan Dirteater returned to PBR Competition this year seeking his 12th PBR World Finals qualification. Dirteater did not make it.

Still, even as he walked out of the arena for the last time, Dirteater got a standing ovation. He won’t be forgotten soon.

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