The Pandemic As They See It

by ENN Staff

For eight high school photographers, living during the time of Covid-19 is disruptive, frightening and way beyond the normal. High school is virtual. Friends are scarce. Life is weird.

But for this same group, the pandemic also offered a unique opportunity – the chance to share their view of the world as it is right now, at this particular moment.

ENN is proud to share of the work of our photo staff and their images of the Pandemic As They See It. Click on each gallery for the work of each photographer.

ENN photographers participating included Bekah Disney, Keagan Blakley, Alexis Adams, Noah Lewis, Chris Rabourn, Hannah Rose, Vanessa Williams, Maddie Buchanan and Nathan Ritter.

Bekah Disney

Keagan Blakley

Alexis Adams

Vanessa Williams

Hannah Rose

Hannah Rose and her family recently visited Incredible Pizza. There, she photographed her father. Hannah also created a photo illustration about the use of masks and hand sanitizer and photographed her visit to the doctor’s office. For Hannah, life with Covid means lots of masks.

Noah Lewis

Noah Lewis’ images show just how visual the Covid pandemic has become. From displays in convenience stores to signage on windows, Noah’s photos show just how Oklahomas are communicating in 2020.

Chris Rabourn

Nathan Ritter

Maddie Buchanan

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