The reCAP: COLAs and Caring

by Phil Cross

OKLAHOMA CITY – Join ENN’s Kenzie Watson for this week’s reCAP for what you may have missed in light of all the other news.

This week saw a major move forward for an increase in retirement payments to thousands of Oklahomans. The Cost of Living Adjustment, or COLA, is something both political parties have tried to approve for years, but it may finally happen.

Plus education bills are making progress, including reforms for virtual charter schools and a state senator is trying to take on bullying in schools. Another bill would allow emergency certified teachers to get an extension on their teaching credentials if they can prove they’re working on getting an official certification.

You don’t want to miss Rylie Eisenhauer’s interview with Secretary of State Michael Rogers about what that office does and why he got back into politics.

If you prefer, check out the podcast version and take the EPIC News Network on the go.

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