In Focus: Meet Sheriff P.D. Taylor

by Devon Rabourn

OKLAHOMA CITY – The Oklahoma County Sheriff’s office is often in the public spotlight, but what does it take to lead a law enforcement agency?

Sheriff P.D. Taylor is the head of the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s office and has worked at the Sheriff’s office for more than two decades.  He joined law enforcement after serving in the armed forces. He said leading a major law enforcement agency is not for everyone.

 “It’s someone who wants to make a career in law enforcement,” Taylor said of the type of person it takes to be a law enforcement leader.  “It is usually a chief comes from someone that started at bottom hired on as a police officer. You graduate the academy and work your way up and it is a real honor.” 

Taylor said a highlight of his job now is service.  He said being able to serve the community and his employees is a great feeling.

“I got great employees that work to the sheriff’s office and if the come to work with the attitude that they are going to make a difference, even one person’s life.”

One of the challenges of managing the office is working to ensure everyone is working together.

“I wish more people would get elected and did the right thing,” Taylor said.  “It would be so much better and easier if all elected officials in Oklahoma County would work together. I think if everyone would work together and was on the same page the sky’s the limit on your accomplishments.”

Sheriff P.D. Taylor said he has worked to raise salaries for his deputies and staff during his time in office.  He is running for another term in hopes of continuing to provide the best service for the county he’s called home for nearly half a century and for the employees he said it is his honor to lead.

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