Capitol Conversations – Senator Gary Stanislawski

by Deborah Horn

Senator Gary Stanislawski’s professional life did not start out in politics.  Instead, he started in the United States Air Force. He earned his wings in 1984 but decided to join a different part of government service in 2008 out of what he said was “a sense of duty” to guarantee his values were upheld at the state capitol. 

Looking back on his time in office, Senator Stanislawski said his greatest achievement to be the creation of the Oklahoma Statewide Virtual School Board. 

“All students and parents have the right to the best education for them, whether it is home school, virtual school, private school, or charter schools.  Whichever method is the best for the student” Stanislawski said.

The Oklahoma Statewide Virtual School Board was created in 2012, with the goal of authorizing and overseeing all full-time virtual schools that operate throughout Oklahoma.  EPIC Charter Schools, the sponsor of the EPIC News Network journalism program is overseen by the Statewide Virtual Charter School Board.

The year before the Virtual School Board was created, Senator Stanislawski was elected Majority Whip by his caucus. Five years later, in 2016, he was elected Majority Caucus Chair. 

This is Stanislawski’s twelfth and final term in office.  Oklahoma term limits prohibit anyone from serving more than 12 years in the House or Senate.  

Outside the Senate, Stanislawski is the President of Regent Financial Services. Regent Financial Services works with individuals and businesses in investment, retirement and estate planning services. 

Stanislawski has a Master of Arts degree from Oral Roberts University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Oregon State University.  He and his wife Dayna have been married for 37 years and have two children, Shawn and Kristie.

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