More than Amazing: A Review Of The “Best Acrobatic Show” In Branson

by Rae Halgren

BRANSON, Mo. – Skillful foot juggling, gravity defying acrobatics, masks that magically change right in front of your eyes, and incredible balancing acts are just finishing touches on an evening of entertainment at the Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai show.

The audience is treated to two hours of stunts the combine eye-catching costumes with a lesson in Chinese culture and folklore at the Grand Shanghai Theatre in Branson, Missouri.


The Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai first debuted in Branson 1998 as one of the new acts that filled the popular tourist destination. The current troupe includes more than twenty-five acrobats who work, live, and train for the shows together. 

Acrobats often start working in shows at a young age. Some are ten or eleven years old when they begin and will devote decades of their life to performance.

However, training for this troupe begins even earlier. One of the acrobats described starting training at the age of eight. He told audience members he would spend four hours a day balancing atop a ball to perfect his specific act for the show. He spent more time training for other elements of the act. Other performers said training can begin with children as young as 5-years-old.

While this troupe lives and works together, some of the acrobats were previously part of other similar shows or had prior professional dancing experience before joining the Branson theatre.

The acrobats say the performance requires incredible strength, stamina, flexibility, and even fearlessness while on stage. 

Many of the performers in Branson moved to the “Show Me State” from China just to perform. The work requires multiple shows each week in the 900-seat auditorium. The performers will also meet with audience members after each show. They will take pictures with fans and sign autographs. If you ask, they’ll also tell you how concerned they are about giving each crowd the perfect performance.

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