Photo Essay: Life On The Farm

by Bekah Disney

GUTHRIE – Sunsets and animals are my favorite things to photograph.

Every evening, I walk outside and take photos from all angles and of new things. Each time, I walk away with amazing pictures. I have tried sunset photos with silhouettes of my sister and trees. My favorite sunset picture is of my hands and the sun shining through.

When I walk outside I see the beautiful colors the sun makes as it goes down on a sleepy field of cows. 

My cats and pigs are strange and funny creatures. When I feed the cats there is one little kitten who likes to eat all the food before everyone. I have to put that cat on the barn roof so the others can eat. The pigs love food, as you can guess, and when I feed them I have to feed them separately. If I don’t they start to fight. 

We have a once-a-year tradition to hunt for morel mushrooms. They come out every year around April and each year we wait ready to go out and hunt them. It takes a lot of patience and concentration to be able to find them but it’s really rewarding when you find them. 

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