Personal Essay: Going To The Store

by Vanessa Williams

TULSA – Going to the store isn’t as easy as it was before.

There is a tension in the air so thick you can almost cut it with a butter knife.

Shopping has changed in a way we never thought was possible. There are now lines to get into the stores, because of how many shoppers are allowed to be in the store at once.

Finding essential things like bottled water, milk, eggs, and toilet paper are now hard to find. Even if you do find any you are now limited on how many you can buy.

Some stores now have special hours for people who are at high risk of getting COVID-19 like adults 65 or older and people of any age who have any underlying medical conditions. Disinfecting your shopping cart and using wipes are now a common thing and is now highly recommended.

Staying six feet apart from everyone is required in almost every store and there is tape marking where you should stand in line and throughout the store.

You cannot go into a store without seeing someone with a mask and gloves on.

I guess you can say it’s the new “normal” for us.

Who knows what all this means for us as shoppers. No one knows how all of this will end.

Shopping as we knew it has changed for all of us.

Has it changed forever? 

Only time will tell on that one.

Until then we all have to take it day by day and see what the future holds for all of us.

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