Tips And Tricks To Thrive Learning Online

by ENN Staff

As Oklahoma students are forced to learn online, they are discovering school looks much different during a pandemic.

Navigating online learning can be challenging, even in the best of times. Students at EPIC Charter Schools are well versed in the challenges of distance learning.

This year, because of the Covid-19 pandemic, student staff members of the EPIC News Network are sharing things they’ve learned to be successful in a virtual learning environment.

  1. Make a Schedule. Students suggest making a schedule with assignments and other responsibilities. This schedule will not mean anything unless you have someone hold you accountable. This will help keep even the most professional procrastinator on task.
  2. Plan Your Day. While this may sound a lot like a schedule, it is the alternative to having a strict routine. Some ENN students prefer a nontraditional School day. They create a plan or check list of school work that needs to be accomplished and work through that list during the entire day.
  3. Know Yourself And Adjust. If you are easily distracted, find a place in your house that is quiet to do your schoolwork. If you tend to put things off make sure you have a parent or someone else in your home to hold you accountable.
  4. Beware of Technical Troubles. Make sure your device is charged when you begin your work. The last thing you want is t have your compute or tablet die in the middle of an important project. Along with this tip comes the advice to prepare for technical difficulties. Save your work often so if a crash happens you can still recover some of your work. Watch your wireless connections as well. Slow wifi can be frustrating. If you need to improve a connection for an online meeting, try turning off your video for a more stable audio connection. Also limit the number of devices operating off your wireless network.
  5. Stay Social. One common concern about students attending school online is the lack of socialization. ENN students say they continue to meet with their friends using social media and video chats on apps such as Facetime for Macintosh computers. For many ENN students, these types of social calls and chats have increased during this period of isolation.

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