“Top Ten Tour” Touts Business Success

by Kaity Holmes

OWASSO (ENN) – Oklahoma is back in business according to Secretary of Commerce and Workforce Development Sean Kouplen during a recent stop in Owasso.  During the Governor’s Top Ten Cabinet Tour, Kouplen announced that 44 new businesses will soon relocate to the Sooner State.

Kouplen said his team has made 2,881company visits to recruit organizations.  The top targets are companies operating in states that have been described as “bad” for business.  Kouplen called it a “guerilla marketing campaign” that is reaching out to businesses in states like New York, California, Washington and Colorado.

The goal of the campaign is to bring in as many as 3,922 jobs from new companies. These new businesses will be set up all over the state, not just in large cities like Oklahoma City and Tulsa Kouplen said.

Kouplen plans to increase labor participation from 60% to 65% by the end of Stitt’s term.

If that happens, Kouplen said it would move Oklahoma from its current second-place position in GDP (gross domestic product) growth to the top in the nation.

 He hopes $5 billion can be added to capital investment projects around the state. 

Another focus for the Secretary of Commerce is increasing diversity in Oklahoma’s government and businesses.  Kouplen pointed to the Minority Business Council and the Tribal Leadership Council as evidence of the administration’s efforts to create more minority participation in Oklahoma’s economy.  

Kouplen said he is confident in Governor Kevin Stitt’s business focus and believes by the end of the first term Oklahomans will see major improvements that will welcome new businesses and business people to Oklahoma.

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